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The Microgaming and Betway Casino Amalgamate


I've played in a lot of online casinos by now and managed to claim an abundance of top-tier bonuses that helped me win real cash, but this? It's something else!


Ever since Betway and Microgaming began cooperating, Betway Casino has been home to some of the best rewards that players can claim in 2021! Believe me when I say - I've seen some crazy no deposit bonuses, but they don't even come close to the one that I'm about to present!

All fellow players who enjoy slots just like me can claim a rock-solid $5 Microgaming bonus! Slots enthusiasts might wonder, as $5 isn't typically considered a great amount.

Well, it actually is if players knew what I know, and they can learn all about it below!

What's so Special About the $5 Microgaming No Deposit Bonus?

This Betway Casino no deposit promotion is special because it doesn't carry any nasty wagering requirements! I didn't believe it at first as well, but I managed to win and withdraw $300 without any difficulties. I didn['t even deposit one single dollar - all I did was sign up and enter the code 'MICRO5'. I'm not sure how much longer this promotion will last, but I advise all fellow players to visit Betway Casino and try to claim it as they usually last for a week or a month.

Obviously, the $5 Microgaming bonus is tied with Microgaming slots exclusively, which means that players can't use their extra funds with other software providers.

Even if players fail to win anything, they have the unique opportunity of testing a couple of Microgaming slots for free - a feature that typically isn't available without depositing funds!

However, if players want to amp their winning chances up, I advise them to read the next paragraph as I will be providing some tips and tricks on how to win and clear the $5 Microgaming bonus from those tiny requirements!

Win & Withdraw

When I first got those extra $5, I laughed a little and started spinning the reels without any expectations. However, I was able to quickly turn them into $20, after which I stopped and started thinking.

I began my research and found out that Win Sum Din Sum and Playboy are the two Microgaming slots with the biggest RTP. So, I started playing there and was able to turn those $20 into $500!

However, Betway doesn't allow players to cash out more than $300 or less than $100 using this no deposit bonus, which is completely fine by me!

The casino deducted the extra no deposit funds, and I was able to withdraw $300 directly to my e-wallet. Notably, I advise players to avoid games such as Mega Moolah and stick to slots with a big RTP.

And, of course, best of luck!